Bobina da 15 cm 4T-9.5 cm/s con musica Country mista

nab 2286
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2286) Bobina da 15 cm 4T-9.5 cm/s con musica Country mista
Lato A) ANNE MURRAY: 20 bellissimi brani stile Country. Stupenda voce!
Titoli: Snowbird – Danny’s song – A love song – You won’t see me – You needle me - I just fall in love again – Shadow in the moonlight – Broken hearted me – Daydream believer – Could I have this dance – Walk right back – For no reason at all – He’s not you – We don’t make love anymore – Tennessee Waltz – Let’s keep it that way – Wintery feeling – Do you think of me – Just to feel this love from you – Heaven is here. Fine nastro: Patsy Cline.
Lato B) CHRYSTAL GAYLE: 10 brani. Don’T it make brown eyes blue – I wanna come back to you – River road – It’s all richt with me – Going downs slow – All wanna do in life – Make a dream come true – Green door – Funny – We must believe in magic (ultimo brano non complete).
B2) Country misto: Johnny Cash – Carl Parkins –Texas Tylar – Johnny Cash – Johnny Pyacheck – Slim Willet – Carl Parkins – Floyd Tillman – Paty Cline – Johnny Cash – George Jones – Johnny Horton – Moon Mulligan – Kenny Rogers.